NAME OF LAB Workshop Supertendent Name of shop Name OF Instructor Location of Laboratory Utilization of Lab Area of Laboratory Laboratory resources :
Workshop Prof.Mr. B.P. Shinde Machine Shop Mr. Kolase B. S. F113 24Hr/week 425.44 SQ. M. Smithy furnace M. S. sheet shrouded thk-2mm , ms angle 40x40x5,Wood cutter machine
Welding machine 300A, 4151230v with holder 10m wire screen jermany make,Plastic c. cnynction molding m/c (15 gms ) gagun,Cut offf machine 14″
Hand operated geared sharing m/c 5 mm, 300mm black,wood lathe m/c 6′ std. table mounted
Hand drill machine KPT make 13 mm
Bench grinder clip make 1/2 HP HILIFE
Hand Grinder 1/2 H P,Vernier High guage (12″) Yamayo,Vernier caliper (6″) China,Vernier caliper (6″) Mititoyo, Micro Meter (0-25mm) china
Micro Meter (0-25mm) Mititoyo,Inside caliper(6″) smart,Out side caliper smart,Fitting Tray square (4″),Bench vice fitting (6″) paper 74′ No
Top wrench (12″),Marking Block
Angle Plate (9″) Smart,V-Block (4*3*3″) non
C-clamp 3″ Apex,Marking Gauge 200mm
Pipe die with handle (1/2″,3/4″,1″),Pipe wrench 18″ netco,stove for solding,Air Blower for smithy work,Hand operated shear m/c 6″
Open ended spanner set 6-32mm Taparia
Adjustable spanner 10″,Driling view 4″ Apex
Bench view fitting 4″ Apex,Carpentary vice 9″
Pipe vice 2.5″,Pipe bending m/c Hydrobend
Vernier High guage (12″) Mititoyo,Anvil 100 Kg
Leg vice 4″,odd leg capiler,Anvil 50 Kg
Pipe vice 2.5″ Apex,Swage Block
Die for moulding m/c,Carpentary vice 9″ Apex
Odd leg caliper,Lath m/c 4′ 6″ Light duty with std. equipment with 160mm x3 jaw true chuck
Radial driling m/c 25mm with 0.01 H.P. 3phase 1440 Rpm,Drill vice 4″
Miling machine Gajjeer No-1 with std. access cries
Lath m/c 4′ 6″ Light duty with std. equipment with 160mm x3 jaw true chuck,Hydrolic Hacksaw m/c cap 8″ with std. accessories, 1HP, 3PH, 1440rpm
Shaping machine 12″ cone pully driven,CNC turning m/c,Dewalt cutter of m/c 14″ w871
Welding & Tin Smity Section Mr. Sonkamble S. J. F227 24Hr/week 147.33SQ.M.
 Fitting  section Mr. Karpe M.N F315 24Hr/week 294.94 SQ.M.
Carpentry and plumbing Mr. Mozar M.A F227 24Hr/week 147.33 SQ.M.