Prof. Ms. Bansode Ulka M.
(Lecturer Second Shift)
Qualification B.E.(Computer Engineering), M.E. (Computer)
Experience Teaching: 7 Years
Area of Interest Basic Workshop Practice,Computer Fundamental,Data Structure, Programming in ‘C’,Web Page Design, Relational Data Base Management System, Operating System,Advanced Web Technology.
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Ms. Shinde Pradnya
Prof.Shinde Pradnya.
(Lecturer Second Shift)
Qualification B.E. (Computer Engineering), M.E.(Computer Engineering)
Experience Teaching: 2 Year
Area of Interest Computer Networks, Software Engineering, Computer Fundamentals, Windows Programming in vc++.
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Mr. Rathod Dheeraj D (Lecturer Second Shift)
Mr. Rathod Dheeraj D
(Lecturer Second Shift)
Qualification B.E. (Information Technology) M.E. (Computer Network)
Experience Teaching: 1Year
Area of Interest : Computer Network, Operating System, Linux, Software Engineering, Computer Security, Web Development, Data Structures
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Prof.Kulkarni Achala.
(Lecturer First Shift)
Qualification M.TECH (Computer Science), BE (Computer Science)
Experience Teaching:Na Industrial: Na
Area of Interest Software Testing,DBMS,Data Structure,Computer Organisation
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