Prof.Shahapure S.S.
(Lecturer Second Shift)
Qualification B.E. (Mechanical),M.E. ( Design)
Experience Teaching: 18 Years Industrial: 4 Years
Area of Interest Theory Of Machine, Thermal Engineering
Email ID sunil.shahapure@zealeducation.com
Prof.Mr.Gadade Tulashiram Y.
(Lecturer Second Shift)
Qualification B.E.(PRODUCTION),M.E. (Design ) Persuing
Experience Teaching: 07 Years
Area of Interest Metrology, CAD-CAM
Email ID tulashiram.gadade@zealeducation.com
Prof.Mr.Kupade Dilip M.
(Lecturer Second Shift)
Qualification B.E. (Mechanical), ME (DESIGN ENGG.) Persuing
Experience Teaching: 6 Years, Industrial 6Year
Area of Interest Mechanical Engineering Drawing,CNC Machine
Email ID dilip.kupade@zealeducation.com
Prof.Mr.Dhanawade Dattatraya P.
(Lecturer Second Shift)
Qualification B.E. (Mechanical),ME (DESIGN ENGG.) Persuing
Experience Teaching: 4.5 Years, Industrial: 05 Months
Area of Interest Advanced Material, Rapid prototyping.
Email ID dattatraya.dhanawade@zealeducation.com
Prof. Mr. Waghmare Dhiraj Arun
(Lecturer Second Shift)
Qualification  BE (Mechanical), MBA in HR
Experience Teaching: 3.5 Years, Industrial: 1.5 Years
Area of Interest  Design Of Machine, Research & Development, Strength of Material, CAD-CAM-CAE
Email ID dhiraj.waghmare@zealeducation.com
Prof. Mr. More Girish Arun
(Second Shift)
Qualification B.E. (Mech.) M.E. (Mechanical CAD-ME)
Experience Teaching : 5 Years
Area of Interest Automobile engineering , Industrial fluid power, Engg. Graphics, Mechanical Engineering Mtl.
Email ID girish.more@zealeducation.com
Prof. Mr. Amit S. Pawar
(Second Shift)
Qualification B.E. (Mechanical),M.E. (Design )
Experience Teaching: 1.5 Years, Industrial: 3.5 year
Area of Interest Mechanical Engineering Drawing, Engineering drawing,
Email ID amit.pawar@zealeducation.com