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Prof.Rameshwar Khorane
Qualification M.E.(Appearing), B.E.(Production Engineering)
Experience Teaching 13 Years 
Area of Interest Heat power and production
Email ID rameshwar.khorane@zealeducation.com
Prof. Mr. Kshirsagar Vishal S.
Qualification B.E. (Mechanical), ME(Design)
Experience  Teaching: 5 Years, Industrial 1 Year
Area of Interest Mechanical Engineering Drawing, Fluid Mechanics and Machinery, Engineering drawing,
Email ID  vishal.khirsagar@zealeducation.com
Prof.Mr.Deoghare Mrunal M.
Qualification B.E. (Mechanical),M.E. (CADCAM)
Experience Teaching: 3.5 Years
Area of Interest Strength of material
Email ID mrunal.deoghare@zealeducation.com
Prof.Mr.Shinde Balaji P.
Qualification B.E. (Mechanical)
Experience Teaching:3.5 Years
Area of Interest Theory Of Machine, Thermal Engineering
Email ID balaji.shinde@zealeducation.com
kulkarni shrikant
prof.Mr.Shrikant R. Kulkarni
Qualification B.E. (Mechanical).ME(Design pursuing)
Experience  Teaching: 5 Years
Area of Interest Theory of Machine, Automobile engineering
Email ID shrikant.kulkarni@zealeducation.com
Mr. Kokare Nilesh N.
Qualification B.E. (Mechanical), ME(Design)
Experience Teaching: 4.5 Years
Area of Interest Thermal Engineering ,Mechanical Engineering Material
Email ID nilesh.kokare@zealeducation.com
Dilip Shinde
Mr. Dilip K. Shinde
Qualification B.E.(Mechanical),M.E.(Design)
Experience Teaching: 4.5 Years    Industry: 1.4 Years
Area of Interest Machine Design,Theory of Machine, Automobile Engg.
Email ID dilip.shinde@zealeducation.com
Mr. Rishikesh H. Tike
Qualification ME(Design)
Experience Teaching: 3.5 Years    Industry: 1 Year
Area of Interest Machine design, Material Science,
Email ID rishikesh.tike@zealeducatin.com
s b kale
Prof.Mr. Kale S.B.
Qualification B.E. Mechanical,  ME(Design)
Experience Teaching: 2.5 Years Industrial 1.2 Years
Area of Interest Theory of Machine, CNC Machines
Email ID shrihari.kale@zealeducation.com
yogesh shete
Mr. Shete Y.S.
Qualification B.E. Mechanical, ME (DESIGN ENGG.) Persuing
Experience Industrial 1.5 Years Industrial: 3 Years
Area of Interest Theory of Machine, Automobile engineering
Email ID  yogesh.shete@zealeducation.com
sachin suryawanshi
Mr. Sachin S. Surywanshi
Qualification M.Tech (Heat Power)
Experience Teaching: 1 Year
Area of Interest Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Automobile Engineering
Email ID sachin.suryawanshi@zealeducation.com