thermal Engineering lab photo

Thermal Engineering lab
Location of Laboratory : F-238
Area of Laboratory : 66.39 Sq. M.
Laboratory resources :
Cocharn Boiler Model,Loeffler Boiler Model Photo Voltaic cell,Water Level Indicator, Spring Loded Safety walve,Fusible Plug, Feed Check Valve,Blow Off Cock, Green Economiser,Sudgen Super Heater Shell Tube Model,Stem stop Valve, Box Type Solar cooker,Model of Wind wheel, Biogas Plant Model,Setup of stefan Boltzmans Low,Thermal Conductivity of metal rod test rig.

fluid mechanics lab photo

Fluid Mechanics and Machinary lab
Location of Laboratory : F-232
Area of Laboratory : 66.49 Sq.M.
Laboratory resources :
Pettonwheel Turbine test ring, Reciprocating Pump test ring, Losses In Pipe Fitting apparatus, Bernoullis Theorem Apparatus, Venturimeter & Orificemeter Apparatus, Centrifugal Pump Test Rig.

metrology and quality control lab

Metrology And Quality Control lab
Location of Laboratory : F-240
Area of Laboratory : 68.57 Sq.M.
Laboratory resources :
Pneumatic Comparator,Surface Plate (Granite size-630x630x80 grade ‘o’ ),Vernier Caliper (150 mm),Vernier Caliper (300 mm),Micrometer (0-25) Micrometer (0-50),Vernier Height gauge (0-300 mm),Depth Micrometer (0-25 mm),Dial Indicator (0-10 mm),Vernier Bevel Protractor (5′ sec)Sine Bar (10,200,300 mm),Radians Gauge (1-7 mm & 7.5- 15 mm),Filler Gauge (0.03-1 mm), Screw Pitch Gauge (0.4 to 7 mm),Optical Flat (Dia-50 mm),Gear Tooth Vernier Caliper 150 mm (1-26 mm),Spirit Level Block 300 mm, Mechanical Comparator,V- Block (Magnetic) 90 degree,Screw Thread Micrometer,Sine Centres (0-200 mm),Thread Gauges 20 dia.,Digital Vernier Calipers,Set Of angle Gauge in deg, min, sec.

theory of machine lab

Theory of Machine lab
Location of Laboratory : F-242
Area of Laboratory : 73.71 Sq.M.
Laboratory resources :
Single Shoe Brake ,Band Brake, Rope Brake Dynamometer, Rope Drive Model, Chain Drive Model,Geneva Mechanism, Model Of Inversion Single slider, Bicycle Free Wheel Sprocket Mechanism Model, Foot Operated Air Pump Mechanism, Internal Expanding shoe Brake, Model of Synchromesh Gearbox, Model Of Steering Gearbox,Static & Dynamic Balancing, Hartnell Governer.

fluid mechanics lab photo

Industrial Fluid Power Lab
Location of Laboratory : F-240
Area of Laboratory : 68.57 Sq.M.
Laboratory resources :
Hydraulic Trainer, Pneumatic Trainer

power Engineering lab

Power Engineering lab
Location of Laboratory : F-238
Area of Laboratory : 66.39 Sq.M.
Laboratory resources :
Two Stage Reciprocating Compressor Test Rig, Multicylinder Petrol Engine, Single cylinder petrol Engine, Window Air-Conditioner, Vapour Compression Cycle Test Rig.

Automobile Engineering lab

Automobile Engineering
Laboratory Incharge : Mr. Surywanshi Sachin S.
Location of Laboratory : F-242
Area of Laboratory : 73.71 Sq.M.
Laboratory resources :
Number of Test Rings=10

cad cam lab

Location of Laboratory : F-101
Area of Laboratory : 66.16 Sq.M.
Laboratory resources :
Hardware : Online UPS 7.5 KVA with 2 hrs backup PowerTech, LCD Projector with Crystal tri Single stand ,24 port Switches, Internet Lease line of 2 MBPS,DVD writer external USB, Printer : Laser Printer HP 1007, DOT Matrix printer-2, Software:Windows XP SP3, TC++, Quick Heal Antivirus Software,MSDN Campus Integrated Software Suite,Microsoft Office 2007,CREO (Solid Modelling S/W)