pic of kranti
Prof.Ms Shinde Kranti K.
(HOD Department of Civil Engineering)
Qualification B.E. Civil M.E. (Construction Management)
Experience Teaching : 7 Years
Area of Interest Building Construction, Building Drawing, Construction Material, Management, Contract and Account
Email ID kranti.shinde@zealeducation.com
Prof.Mr.Khade Mahesh Vitthal.
(Lecturer First Shift)
Qualification B.Tech (Water Resources Engineering),M.E (Hydraulics) pursuing
Experience Teaching:- 5 Years  Industrial:- 2 Years
Area of Interest Mechanics of Structures, Transportation Engineering, Public Health Engineering, Solid waste management.
Email ID mahesh.khade@zealeducation.com
Asmita Bansode
Prof. Ms. Bansode Asmita Madhukar
(Lecturer 1st SHIFT)
Qualification BE (Civil), ME Construction and Management) (App)
Experience Teaching : 9 Years 5 months
Area of Interest Engineering Mechanics, Estimating and costing, Design of RCC structure, Irrigation Engineering, Concrete Technology.
Email ID asmita.bansode@zealeducation.com
Jadhav Prashant
Prof. Mr Prashnt L. Jadhav
(Lecturer 1st SHIFT)
Qualification M TECH (HYDRAULICS )
Experience Teaching:- 6 Years
Area of Interest HYD, IEN, BCO, BDR, CTE, MAN, SOM, TEN
Email ID prashant.jadhav@zealeducation.com
priyanka kavathekar1
Prof. Kavathekar Priyanka P.
(Lecturer 1st SHIFT)
Experience Teaching:- 4 years
Email ID priyank.kavathekar@zealeducation.com
Kadam Y S1
Prof. Kadam Yogita S.
(Lecturer 1st SHIFT)
Experience Teaching:- 3.5 years
Area of Interest ASU,SUR,BCO,DSR,DRS
Email ID yogita.kadam@zealeducation.com
Prof.Mr Rahul H. Ingale
(Lecturer First Shift)
Qualification M.E (STRUCTURE)
Experience Teaching: 1 Year
Area of Interest MOS,CTE,DSS,TOS,HEN
Email ID rahul.ingale@zealeducation.com