Sr. noName of FacultyTitle of papersName of journal/ConferenceYear of Publication
1.Mr.Vivekanand B. ShereA review on TRIAC controlled energy efficient dimmable LED driver for street lightingICACDOT2016
An Embedded ―All in one Photovoltaic DC-AC Converter (seven-level inverter)IJIREEICE2016
Enhancement in automotive vehicle communication networks using GPRSIJECT2016
Advanced drip irrigation system with intelligent sensorsIJECT2015
2.Ms.Sonali N.NavaleMedicinal Services Monitoring System Using Body Sensor NetworkIJAREEIE2017-18
A survey on Healthcare Monitoring System Using Body Sensor NetworkIJIRICCE2016-17
3.Ms.Bharati M.KulkarniParameter Enhancement of microstrip antenna by using EBG structureIJSR2014
4.Ms.Poonam.U.ShirodeEstimation of age from human facial featuresIEEE Explore2016
Classification of age from facial features of HumanIJSR2015
5.Ms.Yugandhara M.SawantSurvey on ECG Steganography TechniquesIJCCRE2016







Mr Sachin G.Tupe

A survey of Image Dehazing Techniques using Image ProcessingIJARIIE2015
Image Dehazing using Guided Image FilterIJAERD2016
7.Ms.Pournima A.KaleAES Encryption Engines of Many Core Processor

Arrays on FPGA by Using Parallel, Pipeline and Sequential Technique


Prof. Mr. Vivekanand Shere .
(HOD, Department of  E&TC  Engg,  Zeal Polytechnic)