Engineers Day

On the occasion of Engineers Day 15th Sep 2019 Zeal Polytechnic Organized program in the memory of Sir Mokshgundum Vishveshwarya.

Teacher’s day

We have happily celebrated teacher’s day on 5th of Sept 2019 and Principal S.A.Deokar and Head of Department Prof. S.S. Nimbalkar share their valuable words with students.

World Entrepreneurs Day 2019

Celebrated World Entrepreneurs Day 2019 (WED-2019) on 27 Aug 2019 with a industry speakers NarraSeshagirira, Mr.Navnath Yewale, Dr.Amod Markale, Mr.Gaurav Sharma and Vijay Roy.

Guru Purnima

On the occasion of Guru Purnima 16th July 2019 our Electrical Department students organized program for felicitation to teachers.

Freshers Carnival 2K19

Zeal Education Society arranged Freshers’ Carnival-2K19 for fresher students who admitted in Zeal Polytechnic in 2019-20.