Achievement in Research Projects

Turbidity Removal Unit (Department of civil Engineering)

“Save water save life” proving the words, the students from third year civil engineering department recentlyworked on the innovative project ‘Turbidity Removal Unit’. The project was under guidance of Prof.Yogendra V. Bachhav. The unit can remove turbidity from water up to desirable limit only by addition ofmoringaoleifera capsules made from moringaoleifera which is tropical tress from western Himalaya. The unit is user friendly and can be used by any person. According to the initial turbidity the unit directly gives the no. of capsules to be added in water for obtaining water under desirable limit. Students have prepared a guide code for easy use of model. The students were winner & participated in various national and state level competitions like Young Innovator Awards, MSBTE Project competition, Dipex science exhibition.

Thermoelectric cooler(Department of Mechanical Engineering)

The Students from Mechanical Engineering department submitted an innovative project on ‘thermoelectric cooler based on working principle of pelter&seeback effect.’ The model can be used in automobile car as amini collar by using battery supply from car. The project was under guidance of Prof. M.M. Deoghare. The students participated in various national and state level competitions including DIPEX science exhibition.

Zeal Life Saver (Department of Computer Engineering)

Zeal Life Saver is an android application for blood consequences. App will help the people to search thedonor for particular blood Group during the emergency. Zeal Life Saver is the bridge between bloods needy and blood Donors where donor can find blood near to his/her location.The project won One National Level and Four Sate level prizes. The project was under guidance of Prof. D.D. Rathod.